Antonin Michaud-Soret is no stranger to adventure. All of his films detail incredible aerial feats and adventures.

Antonin Michaud-Soret soaring high to get the right shot

This is the second year the Ottawa Adventure Film Festival has featured one of Antonin’s films. Last year we showcased We Are The Rovers: Norway and impressed the audience with their high flying, nomadic paragliding adventures.

This year we are hitting the skies again with Balkan Express. What impressed us most was the POV footage and epic scenery they were able to capture. Even though POV footage is ubiquitous in most videos now, we have the ability to showcase the most epic footage on a big screen with big sound. Therefore, for those who aren’t able to experience such destinations, we can give the audience a really cool experience that goes well beyond watching on a small screen. (Special note 8000+ in Program B)

We caught up with Antonin to ask him a few questions about his work:

OAFF: How do you define adventure?

Adventure starts at your doorstep. Stop dreaming about exotic destination, start to look at what you have in your backyard. That the real adventure!

OAFF: What do you wish you knew five years ago as a filmmaker?

Good gear is not the key to good filmmaking. I used to say if you have a Red camera and film your dog, it will best dog filmed in 8K. But if you’re following a good subject line, with a crap camera, it will be a real good film. So go out, and film, and tell story whom have to be told !

A scene from this year’s BALKAN EXPRESS

OAFF: What is your least favourite part of the filmmaking process and why?

I like the scouting part! Then of course filming. being with the adrenalin to catch everything, when all come together, light people, action… etc. It’s the best.

OAFF: What are the three things you can’t live without on a shoot?

My Fstopgear camera bags! I have been working with this brand for more than 6 years to help them improving the bags, test in the field, etc. Now I have proper mountain bag where I can have my camera gear protected. I don’t what I would do without it now 🙂
I can even put my skis on the bags + some camping gear !

OAFF: Snack of choice to sneak into the movies?


Antonin’s latest film Balkan Express will be featured on November 15 at our kick off event FULL SEND FRIDAY at Beyond the Pale Brewing.

A scene from last year’s OAFF film: WE ARE ROVERS