Australian photographer and filmmaker Krystle Wright

It is hard to think of an adventure film festival in the last 5 years and not find Krystle Wright in the roster of filmmakers.  This is surprising because for many years Krystle was more well known as a world class photographer hailing from Australia.

Krystle’s films have led off the last 2 OAFFs and in keeping with that tradition, we are doing the same this year.   Krystle’s short ‘Where the Wild Things Keep Playing’ will be in our kick off event Full Send Friday while ‘Chasing Monsters’ will be leading off our main event at the Mayfair Theatre. 

Krystle is a great friend of the festival and even came to stay and shoot with festival founder Mike McKay in 2018.    We caught up with Krystle and sent over our 5 questions:

How do you define adventure?

The adventure has no guarantees and will always embody spontaneity and uncertainty.

What do you wish you knew five years ago as a filmmaker?

Krystle getting the right shot for Where the Wild Things Keep Playing

That I would actually embrace this medium!  And through that acceptance, I could’ve pushed myself harder sooner but my stubbornness to only be a photographer definitely kept me closed off for a while longer.

What is your least favourite part of the filmmaking process and why?

Probably the fact that I actually have to use a tripod from time to time. As a photographer, I love working with as little equipment as possible and sometimes filmmaking means carrying a few more bits and bobs. 

What are the three things you can’t live without on a shoot?

Aside from the obvious such as a camera, three other items I can’t live without include chocolate, puffy jacket, and sunglasses. 

Snack of choice to sneak into the movies?

Maltesers but I don’t have to sneak them in. I love sneaking in a delicious mushroom pizza!

Check out Where the Wild Things Keep Playing on Nov 15 at Full Send Friday &
Chasing Monsters on Nov 16 & 23 at Program A: Mountains & Water

See you at the theatre!