Heather Mosher is one of the few filmmakers that has had a film in the festival every year since the festival began.  From the tall rock walls of the Bugaboos, to the wild and scenic rivers of British Columbia, Heather films it all.  Last year, her climbing film ‘Blood on the Crack’ screened at the festival and was very well received by the audience.  This year she is back with her film ‘River Runner’. 

River Runner features British Columbia highschool teacher and Whitewater kayaker Crista Wiles.  The film focuses on the tight-knit Whitewater paddling community and Crista’s journey in pushing her personal limits.

We reached out to Heather to ask her 5 questions and here are her answers:

How do you define adventure?

I think adventure is any experience where you’re questing out into an unknown, and you don’t know how things are going to turn out.  That could mean moving to a new city, a new country, or questing out into the mountains on a multi-day climbing expedition.  Adventure is very personal, but I think there’s a common feeling to it that most people can identify with.

What do you wish you knew five years ago as a filmmaker?

Five years ago, I wish I knew that nearly every creative professional experiences some degree of doubt and uncertainty about their work and career.  The trick is learning how to mask it, trusting the process, and to just keep on creating.

Heather spending another day at the office

What is your least favourite part of the filmmaking process and why?

I think there’s a pattern in filmmaking, especially with longer, harder projects, which is basically a roller coaster ride between the creative highs and excitement when things are going well, and the lows of doubt and uncertainty when you’re not sure if you can pull it all off.  I don’t like the dips in the roller coaster.

What are the three things you can’t live without on a shoot?

Snacks, a hip belt to hold cards and batteries, and…. lunch.

Snack of choice to sneak into the movies?


Catch ‘River Runner’ on the evening of November 19th at uOttawa.

See you there!

A shot from Heather’s film RIVER RUNNER