Henna on-site for her film WADI RUM

Now based out of Boulder, Colorado, Henna Taylor found her stride in telling the subtle stories while living in Cambodia documenting the lives of four midwives.  Henna’s character and engagement to her films shine through so clearly in her work.

Last year, we saw her amazing story-telling abilities on display in her film ‘Wadi Rum’ which played at the festival last year.  The crowd loved the patience and visual story telling of the film.   She is back again this year at the festival with her new film ‘Speak to me Softly’. It recently won Best Short Film at Banff Mountain Film Festival and we are very proud to be screening it as well.

‘Speak to me Softly’ turns the scope of fear inwards and rather than looking at the fear that is exposure and scary ridgelines, the film explores the inner dialogue of fear in the head of climber Jenny Abegg. 

We got in touch with Henna to ask her 5 questions.  Here are her answers: 

How do you define adventure?

Henna with filming a scene from WADI RUM

Adventure is when you step outside your front door, get out of bed, decide to do something you are not certain you can do, take a risk with the understanding that you may fail and also that you can be ok with that. Adventure is a little bit scary, a little bit exciting, a lot of mystery.

What do you wish you knew five years ago as a filmmaker?

I wish I had known that comparing my work (my self) to other people’s work (other people) was a drain and a distraction from finding out what I had to say and how I wanted to say it.  I feel like that work is just beginning.

What is your least favourite part of the filmmaking process and why?

Producing (or the business part) is difficult for me. I find I am constantly wanting to go deeper into creating all the potential in a project. The business of it takes me out of that imagination and into a brain-space that comes less naturally for me. I guess I need a producer…

What are the three things you can’t live without on a shoot?

I can live without a lot on a shoot.  I guess that’s what makes it possible for me to make the films that I do, in the way that I do them. Bare bones. The absence of something means there’s more space to discover something unexpected.

Snack of choice to sneak into the movies?

Homemade popcorn with butter, dill, salt, and pepper. 

Catch ‘Speak to Me Softly’ on November 17th and 24th at our program B: Air and Land

See you there!

A shot from her 2019 film SPEAK TO ME SOFTLY