Amber Hall, co-founder of Equator, at a school construction site

The Ottawa Adventure Film Festival loves working with local partners that are having an impact in our local community and, in Equator’s case, globally. Equator Coffee Roasters, a well-loved Ottawa company since 1998, is commited to being a changemaker.

Shannon Hoops-Ripley, Vice-President of Equator, let us know about some of the incredible things happening at Equator, “We just recently became a Certified B Corporation and that is all about using business as a force for good in every area of the business (from the start of the supply chain to the employees to the final consumer…and it places huge emphasis on environmental impact).  They have a strong, international, and reputable “brand” that I believe means more than just “believe me: we’re a good company”!! We’ve been working in fair trade, organic coffee and using business for good for over 20 years but it’s super exciting to a) get “audited” for our good work and b) learn where we can and need to make more improvements!

Amber with a group of school girls

“Amber Hall (co-founder of Equator) sits as chair of the SchoolBOX board and has been on several trips down to Nicaragua to exchange with students and families there and to help build schools funded by Equator – 10 cents of every pound we sell goes directly to SchoolBOX.  We’re set to build another school and send a delegation made up of community staff and Equator employees in November 2020.

“Craig and I have also been to origin many times to meet with the farmers who supply our coffee.  We believe in long-term partnerships that not only pay better than Fair Trade prices but also listen to farmers and invite them to the table when negotiating contracts.  On top of organic, fair trade, and quality premiums, we contribute 3 cents of every pound of green coffee to our importing cooperative’s Impact Fund that helps farmers deal with the challenges they face every day, from building nurseries to battling climate change.  With our cooperative, we’ve leveraged our funds with the International Development Bank to raise nearly $1 million to develop a tool that will help farmers develop soil enrichment programs that improve their fields and yields AND capture carbon significantly thereby creating a potential alternative source of income (carbon offsets).  It’s incredible.

“We believe the world is a better place with coffee that is sourced ethically and grown organically. At Equator, coffee is more than just a beverage; it is a way of changing the world.”

Come meet Equator Coffee Roasters at the Ottawa Adventure Film Festival. Bring a mug and get some of their fantastic coffee for free.