The Ottawa Adventure Film Festival aims to work with great community partners.   Part of building a film festival is building a great community around it.  For that reason we wanted to dig a little deeper with our partners and showcase the great things they are doing in the community.   

We caught up with Klimat Co-Owner Jazmine Maisonneuve to find out more about the new climbing gym in Wakefield that everyone is talking about.

Jazmine Maisonneuve, co-owner and Route Setter, Klimat

‘We are building a community of climbers and fitness enthusiasts, yes, but it goes beyond just a network of people. Klimat is creating a home, a family.

By far the greatest joy for me as an owner is to see the youth engaging in the sport and finding an activity that is healthy for both mind and body. It’s bringing people together. Neighbours that have never met before are meeting for the first time. Members of the community that have lived here for years are now expressing that they truly feel engaged with their community. Long time climbers with a love and passion for the sport are now turning their love outwards and giving back by offering/volunteering their time coaching! 

Climbing/Bouldering as a sport is inherently supportive. The Klimat community that is developing is encouraging, rewarding, inclusive, and supportive of each other as individuals coming together to share a passion. 

As for the benefits of climbing? There are many. Times magazine just put out an article with new research concluding that bouldering is the best full body workout! There are new studies that have shown climbing and bouldering has the ability to counter mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Research has also shown that children with ADHD no longer need to medicate if they boulder on a daily basis!

Sam Cloutier, so-owner, Klimat

We all know that exercise is good for us, but the benefits of climbing go well beyond getting a good workout.  It creates room for social interaction.It boosts our cognitive development.  It develops focus and mindfulness. It builds cooperation and trust and it’s an emotion stimulant and regulator! So throw all of these great things into the mix of the community that is growing…yah, Klimat is bringing great changes to the Gatineau hills! We hope to see the ripple effects for years to come…

Even just in these first few months of our opening, the change we’ve noticed in the community is incredible. For example, Klimat is now a destination for the youth in our community. It’s a meeting place for groups of women to train together. It is a social outlet for those isolated by the winter blues.’

We are really excited that Klimat has come on board to support the OAFF but more so, our adventure community.  It is exciting to see how much they have done already in their short time being open.   

Climbers will be excited to know that we have a great variety of climbing and mountaineering films this year.   Check out www.ottawaadventurefilmfestival.com/2019program for more details.