If I were to describe OAFF 2019 in one word, it would be Ambitious.

Ambitious is really what keeps coming to mind when I reflect on the success of this festival and the community that supports it.  As the creator and festival director of the Ottawa Adventure Film Festival, I couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished over the past three years and to see it grow is such a rewarding experience.

But let’s back up a bit.  This festival is only 3 years old.  The first year was really more of an experiment after years of planning to see if the market would actually support something of this kind.  So, I introduced a one-day event that would showcase 13 films either submitted or acquired. When that day sold out in a matter of weeks, I added another, which also quickly sold out.  Year one, we had a full weekend at the Mayfair Theatre and it confirmed the prediction: Ottawa was ready for a festival of this kind.