Alex’s pick for who to follow @landonpics
Landon Entwistle is a 24-year-old photographer and engineer here in Ottawa. I follow Landon because he offers such a unique perspective on Ottawa, one that I don’t normally get to see. Landon has always loved music and has carried that passion into his photography. He has amazing pictures of famous artists like Elton John and The Lumineers. Outside of the music world, Landon does an amazing job of telling the story through photography of why Ottawa is such a cool city. I get excited every time I see that he has posted a new photo.

To follow OAFF team member Alex, find @guimontalex on instagram

Mike’s pick for who you should follow is @ohemsarahgee
I started working with Sarah 3 years ago when she would come out for shoots with Five2Nine as talent. She and her fiancé Alex light up the screen, so I always asked them back. As I spent more time with Sarah I saw she was always playing around in the forest while we were on location. This led me to follow her on Instagram, which opened up a super fun gateway into her super creative mind!! I have followed her since and take time to read every cool local foraging post, and I look forward to #Inktober every year to see her creativity expand into her amazing storytelling and art. I even order her books to use as inspiration to take the time to be creative every day. I just think Sarah is an amazing person in our community and can’t wait to see what she is up to! (fun fact: Sarah designed our amazing OAFF Laurels!)

You can find Mike on instagram @mooktracks

Jacinthe thinks you should follow @kai_and_ollie_shred
Ollie is 7 yrs old and his little brother Kai is 3 yrs old. They love snowboarding and skateboarding… AND THEY RIP! Parents Marie-France @mfnoel and Daryl @daryllussier are passionate about the outdoors and they have passed along their love for snowboarding to their kids. I absolutely love seeing families adventure together! Ollie is already competing and Kai is hitting jumps with the guidance of their parents and coaches. And come on, what’s cuter and awesomer than kids that shred?

Jacinthe’s instagram handle is @jcmg12