Bringing the Outdoors In

By Holly Gordon

If due to COVID-19, you’re feeling trapped indoors or you’re not in a position to safely get outside, keep reading for some fun ways to bring the outdoors inside.

Re-live your own adventures

If you are anything like me, you have probably captured hundreds, if not thousands of pictures on a single adventure or vacation. I get so excited to take the pictures, then come home well-intentioned to go through them all. However, usually, life gets in the way. Typically, I only end up selecting a handful to show my friends or post on social media then forget the rest. As a result, I am way behind on reviewing photos. Now that I have put most outdoor adventures on hold for the next few months, I have decided that it’s finally time to tackle this project that has been on my to-do list, forever! Though the thought of reviewing precisely 2,971 images from 2019 made me want to cry a little, the second I opened up the first album of my trip to the Azores, I was down memory lane reliving my favourite sights and experiences from Portugal.

To take it to the next step, simply pick your favourites out and make note to get them printed. You could also use your free time to learn how to edit your photos using your computer’s built-in editor or pay for a one like Photoshop or Lightroom

Consider posting your photos on social media or schedule a time to look at them with your family and friends online (if they aren’t your quarantine partners). Set up a “Zoom” call so you can all look at them together. You can make it as realistic as you want it to – put on your favourite outdoor clothing item or cook an authentic local dish if you visited an international country (order take out if cooking isn’t your thing) to make it feel more realistic!

My COVID-19 campsite

Create your own indoor adventure

Whether you have kids, or not, it is easy to create your own mini-adventures indoors. You can recreate one of your favourite memories or pick a place you’ve always wanted to go. For example, I love hiking and camping. This past weekend, I set up my tent indoors, streamed an outdoor documentary on my TV, and put pine essential oil in my diffuser. It was also a great opportunity to reorganize our camping gear, which was one of those jobs you never have time for but wish you did. Be creative to see what else you have in your house that could make it feel more realistic.

You can also create some wonderful “sights” from whatever you can find in your cupboards or around your house. Do you or your kids have miniature people or animal figurines? See if you can find adventures for them – e.g. visiting sugar sands dunes park, hiking in broccoli forest, climbing on flowerpot island. An assortment of hashtags has popped up on social with no shortage of inspiring and amazing content, here are a few to check out: #epicadventuresindoors #OurGreatIndoors #goodtimesinside

My newly created garage gym

Indoor training

Do you miss the gym or a favourite sport or activity? Regardless of your sport or hobby, I am confident there is some way that you can cross-train for it. You can use what you already have – cans or rocks for weights, a chair to practice squats or tricep dips, a laundry basket for deadlifts, or a tree branch for chin-ups. I use a squat bar made from a spare copper pipe and my vehicle’s summer tires, bricks for weights and a bungee cord hanging from a tree in my front yard for assisted pull-ups. Alternatively, there is currently an abundance of free workout content both happening live on social media and recorded on YouTube.

If these ideas are not of interest to you, maybe you can still find a way to practice your sport at home – check out the videos from MEC ambassadors or Philipp Klein getting after it! While these ideas may not exactly replicate your “normal” activities or adventures, I can honestly tell you from my own experiment that this was humorous and uplifting – something we could all use more of during these difficult times!